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Beautiful tracts, postcards, door hangers, church invites, John & Romans covers, outdoor signs and more…


Welcoming banners, yearly theme art, church logos, letterhead, prayer cards and websites…


Gorgeous Christian book covers, posters, church photography, Christian websites, business cards…


Outreach Studio is a ministry, offering creative design services to the Baptist community…

Broomfield Baptist Church Website Design
Website & Banner Design

Website design and banner creation for growing church in Broomfield, Colorado. Broomfield is an area with highly educated and affluent[...]

Logo Design #1

A local Colorado church was starting its own Christian Activities Association and was looking for a logo that fit both[...]

Cover Design #1

The Pastor at this local church, wanted a John and Romans design for a new program they were implementing at[...]


The Process

We first Listen to the vision God has given to you for your ministry.
We then Discuss the options for achieving those goals.
We lastly Create customized designs for your church, community or organization, all based on the vision your Pastor or Ministry Leader has for your church.

We are a Creative
design & visual communications studio that focuses on delivering God honoring solutions to your church


We Design
God-honoring design & visual communications for Christian artists, writers and businesses.



At the end of the process, we will send you a itemized invoice of the services we provided including average pricing for each service. This invoice is NEVER a bill! We ask you to pray about what God would have you to give and are trusting God to provide for our needs through your generous giving.



- Lamentations 3:51
Evangelist Paul Schwanke

“I heartily recommend the work of Brother Rick Lopez and Outreach Studio to pastors and local churches. Their graphic work done on my behalf has been extraordinarily professional receiving repeated compliments. Brother Lopez has a personal testimony that is above reproach and he has demonstrated a character that can be trusted in the business world. He will help your local church in numerous areas.”

Pastor Gary Randall - Senior Pastor, Elmwood Baptist Church

“Rick Lopez is one of the most gifted Graphic design artists that I have ever seen in my 30+ years of Church Ministry!  Rick has done the Graphic design work for all our tracts, flyers, banners, web design here at Elmwood Baptist Church, as well as Book cover designs for publication!  Now through “Outreach Studio”, Rick is making his Graphic Design skills available to individuals, Churches and Businesses that are desiring to reach their target audience with stunning, eye grabbing designs!

Contact Rick with the vision of what you desire … and watch it come alive.  You won’t be disappointed!”

C. Jason Walker- Senior Pastor, Broomfield Baptist Church

“From logo design, banners, letterhead, business cards, tracts, flyers, posters, and any such designs, Brother Lopez has helped unify our printed image to the community we serve. We continue to receive numerous compliments on his work. His service goes above and beyond expectation, and his experience is evident in the quality work he has produced. A worthy and needed resource to any ministry!”

Pastor Chris Casillas - Senior Pastor, Horizon Baptist Church

“When we were just starting out, Outreach Studio created all of our banners and outdoor signage, not to mention the church logo itself! God has truly blessed us with having the ability to have them create a warm and inviting area for us to have those first meetings!”

K. Saracino - Director of Marketing

Rick is the first person I call when I need IT, SEO, or graphic design expertise. He is a consummate professional that takes the time to really listen and makes sure that he understands the goal and desired outcome of each specific project. Rick possesses a rare combination of talent and customer service – he is helpful, friendly and someone that is easy to communicate with. Rick is a pleasure to work with and he always delivers exceptional results.

Our Clients


We Listen.

We Discuss.

We Create!

These 3 steps ensure that you always get the graphics you want in the time period you need them. By creating the graphics only after listening to your vision and then discussing the options, we can give you high-end graphics that honor the God given direction you are following for your church or organization.

Outreach Studio is dedicated to bringing God honoring graphic design services to the Baptist community. We know that not all churches have graphic designers, web developers, or illustrators in their congregation but need high-end designs that engage their audience. Whether you are a church of 8, 800 or 8000 we have design services and graphic solutions that fit your needs. Our services are 100% donation based (we ask that you pray about what God would have you to give). We believe that God will provide for us through your generous donations and giving, and work to please Him in all that we do.