Affordable, Visual Communication Solutions for Small and Large Churches

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We are a Creative
design & visual communcations studio that focuses on delivering God honoring solutions using the latest technology


We Listen.

We Discuss.

We Create!

These 3 steps ensure that you always get the graphics you want in the time period you need them. By creating the graphics only after listening to your vision and then discussing the options, we can give you high-end graphics that honor the God given direction you are following for your church or organization.
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Outreach Studio is dedicated to bringing God honoring graphic design services to the Baptist community. We know that not all churches have graphic designers, web developers, or illustrators in their congregation but need high-end designs that engage their audience.

Whether you are a church of 8, 800 or 8000 we have design services and graphic solutions that fit your needs. Our services are 100% donation based (we ask that you pray about what God would have you to give). We believe that God will provide for us through your generous donations and giving, and work to please Him in all that we do.  
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To serve God through media and visual communications and honor Him in all we do.

We want to take the burden of the creative process out of the hands of Pastors and ministry leaders so that they can concentrate fully on their ministry. Through discussing the needs of the church or organaization before we start to create,we know we can design stunning graphics that will be inviting and pleasing to those in your congregation and surrounding area.
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